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Corps (Noun)

plural corps [countable]
1 A group in an army with special duties and responsibilities:

the medical corps
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2 A group of people who work together to do a particular job:

the president’s press corps
the diplomatic corps
3 A technical a trained army unit made of two or more divisions (=groups of soldiers)

Phrases :

Diplomatic corps

Esprit de corps

Marine Corps

Press corps

The Marine Corps

Words used with: corps

ADJECTIVE: diplomatic.
NOUNS: commander,officer,press.


          A clowder of cats.                                                    A fall of lambs.                 


Ian-Rogers-a-Clowder-of-Cats (1)                                   lambs (1)

       A kindle of kittens.                                                  A pride of lions.

                                                                                   (sault, troop, sawt, sowse)


kittens                                 Frost in the UK



 A rouleau of coins.                  A ream of paper.                  A string of pearls.                           

8961001-rouleau-gold-coin-on-white-background               OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      string_pearls_large

  A stand of trees.                     A wing of aircrafts.                A range of mountains.

stand-of-trees-jeanette-oberholtzer                        a wing of aircrafts                     Lakes_wallpapers_418

 A carillon of bells.              A troop of mushrooms.              A quiver of arrows.

  carillon-bells-11296663431iZG                           MINA0823.sized (1)                     0143-0510-3107-1453_arrows_inside_the_quiver