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Tittle-tattle (Noun)

1. Unimportant conversation about other people and what they are doing.
synonym: gossip

Gewgaw (Noun)

plural noun: gewgaws
  1. a showy thing, especially one that is useless or worthless.
    “a house full of Victorian gewgaws”

Tit for tat (Noun)

Something bad that you do to someone because they have done something bad to you. This expression refers to an injury or insult given in return for one received.


He kicked me, so I kicked him – it was tit for tat!

This story helps us to understand the meaning and is marvelous !


At minute: 22:18

The Storyteller: …So if you come one day to a lake and there’s an island and a ferry goes back and forth rowed by an old sad man, turn around. Griffins live there, you may never get off the boat. For the ferryman was once a wicked king who ignored a prophesy, whose heart was cruel. And nature, my dears, is a wize woman who pays us back, tit for tat.

Corps (Noun)

plural corps [countable]
1 A group in an army with special duties and responsibilities:

the medical corps
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2 A group of people who work together to do a particular job:

the president’s press corps
the diplomatic corps
3 A technical a trained army unit made of two or more divisions (=groups of soldiers)

Phrases :

Diplomatic corps

Esprit de corps

Marine Corps

Press corps

The Marine Corps

Words used with: corps

ADJECTIVE: diplomatic.
NOUNS: commander,officer,press.

Ravages (Noun)

The ravages of something, the damage caused by something.
a building that has survived the ravages of time
the ravages of war
To, from

Here they remain, protected from winter’s ravages by their natural thatch.

Brett Favre places himself in a rehab center for repairs from the ravages of painkillers.


          A clowder of cats.                                                    A fall of lambs.                 


Ian-Rogers-a-Clowder-of-Cats (1)                                   lambs (1)

       A kindle of kittens.                                                  A pride of lions.

                                                                                   (sault, troop, sawt, sowse)


kittens                                 Frost in the UK



 A rouleau of coins.                  A ream of paper.                  A string of pearls.                           

8961001-rouleau-gold-coin-on-white-background               OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      string_pearls_large

  A stand of trees.                     A wing of aircrafts.                A range of mountains.

stand-of-trees-jeanette-oberholtzer                        a wing of aircrafts                     Lakes_wallpapers_418

 A carillon of bells.              A troop of mushrooms.              A quiver of arrows.

  carillon-bells-11296663431iZG                           MINA0823.sized (1)                     0143-0510-3107-1453_arrows_inside_the_quiver

Forming irregular plural nouns (rules)

There are many irregular plural nouns, however, there are also some rules that can make our lives easier:

Noun type Forming the plural Example
Ends with -fe Change f to v
Add -s
knife arrow to the right knives
life arrow to the right lives
wife arrow to the right wives
Ends with -f Change f to v
Add -es
half arrow to the right halves
wolf arrow to the right wolves
loaf arrow to the right loaves
Ends with -o Add -es potato arrow to the right potatoes
tomato arrow to the right tomatoes
volcano arrow to the right volcanoes
ends with -us Change -us to -i cactus arrow to the right cacti
nucleus arrow to the right nuclei
focus arrow to the right foci
ends with -is Change -is to -es analysis arrow to the right analyses
crisis arrow to the right crises
thesis arrow to the right theses
ends with -on Change -on to -a phenomenon arrow to the right phenomena
criterion arrow to the right criteria