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Tit for tat (Noun)

Something bad that you do to someone because they have done something bad to you. This expression refers to an injury or insult given in return for one received.


He kicked me, so I kicked him – it was tit for tat!

This story helps us to understand the meaning and is marvelous !


At minute: 22:18

The Storyteller: …So if you come one day to a lake and there’s an island and a ferry goes back and forth rowed by an old sad man, turn around. Griffins live there, you may never get off the boat. For the ferryman was once a wicked king who ignored a prophesy, whose heart was cruel. And nature, my dears, is a wize woman who pays us back, tit for tat.


Get your fingers burnt

If someone gets their fingers burnt, they suffer as a result of an unsuccessful action and are nervous about trying again. To suffer the unpleasant results of something that you have done.


I tried a dating agency once, but got my fingers badly burnt – I’ll never do it again.

He got his fingers burnt so badly in the last elections that he decided to withdraw from politics