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Tattle (Verb/Noun)

1 (old-fashioned)to talk about other people’s private lives, synonym gossip.
2 Especially American English if a child tattles, they tell a parent or teacher that another child has done something bad

tattle on
Robert is always tattling on me for things I didn’t do.

—tattle noun [uncountable]
—tattler noun [countable]

Tittle-tattle (Noun)

1. Unimportant conversation about other people and what they are doing.
synonym: gossip

Gewgaw (Noun)

plural noun: gewgaws
  1. a showy thing, especially one that is useless or worthless.
    “a house full of Victorian gewgaws”

Befuddled (Adjective)

completely confused:

Even in my befuddled state I could find my key.

A chip off the old block

A person (usually a male) who behaves in the same way as his father or resembles his father.


That son of yours has a great sense of humour.” “Yes, I like to think he’s a chip off the old block!”

This episode helps to understand the expression!

Tit for tat (Noun)

Something bad that you do to someone because they have done something bad to you. This expression refers to an injury or insult given in return for one received.


He kicked me, so I kicked him – it was tit for tat!

This story helps us to understand the meaning and is marvelous !


At minute: 22:18

The Storyteller: …So if you come one day to a lake and there’s an island and a ferry goes back and forth rowed by an old sad man, turn around. Griffins live there, you may never get off the boat. For the ferryman was once a wicked king who ignored a prophesy, whose heart was cruel. And nature, my dears, is a wize woman who pays us back, tit for tat.

Get your fingers burnt

If someone gets their fingers burnt, they suffer as a result of an unsuccessful action and are nervous about trying again. To suffer the unpleasant results of something that you have done.


I tried a dating agency once, but got my fingers badly burnt – I’ll never do it again.

He got his fingers burnt so badly in the last elections that he decided to withdraw from politics

Corps (Noun)

plural corps [countable]
1 A group in an army with special duties and responsibilities:

the medical corps
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2 A group of people who work together to do a particular job:

the president’s press corps
the diplomatic corps
3 A technical a trained army unit made of two or more divisions (=groups of soldiers)

Phrases :

Diplomatic corps

Esprit de corps

Marine Corps

Press corps

The Marine Corps

Words used with: corps

ADJECTIVE: diplomatic.
NOUNS: commander,officer,press.

Toil (Verb and noun)

[intransitive always + adverb/preposition]
1 also toil away to work very hard for a long period of time synonym: slave  

  • I’ve been toiling away at this essay all weekend.
2 literary to move slowly and with great effort

toil up/through/along etc

They toiled slowly up the hill.
at, up, through, along
  • He went past the dustbins and began toiling up the stairs.
  • In other words, three generations might take a family from hard toil through private education to gilt-edged respectability.


[uncountable] formal
1 hard unpleasant work done over a long period:

a life of toil
2 the toils of something literary if you are caught in the toils of an unpleasant feeling or situation, you are trapped by it.
  • When we wake it is to find ourselves alone and separate, trapped in the toils of matter.

  • With one bound, he was … John Major has escaped the toils of the poll tax.

  • Yet lured they were, ever deeper into the toils of matter, and women with them too.

Ravages (Noun)

The ravages of something, the damage caused by something.
a building that has survived the ravages of time
the ravages of war
To, from

Here they remain, protected from winter’s ravages by their natural thatch.

Brett Favre places himself in a rehab center for repairs from the ravages of painkillers.