CPE course phrasal verbs

  • The whole family moved to Switzerland last month and their two children are settling in well at school there.
  • Their lives changed completely once the loan was paid off /had been paid off as it meant  they could treat themselves to meals out and weekends away.
  • An old school friend tracked me down on the Internet and we met up recently to compare our life stories.
  • The company offered Maria a post in the New York branch and she jumped at the chance.
  • During the last recession, local businesses cut back on recruitment and no graduate trainees were/had been taken on as a result.
  • Jeff explained that shortly after they bought the house together, he and his wife broke up and she moved to another town.
  • People often manage to advance their careers by getting in with the right people and telling them what they want to hear.
  • Everything fell into place – she was offered the scholarship at Harvard, the flight was booked and her missing passport turned up just in time!
  • My brother has had a change of heart and is willing to help me out with decorating the flat after all.

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