Types of light

Flash: A sudden bright light that shines for a moment and then dissapears.


Flicker:  A light that shines in an unsteady way.


Sparkle: A series of flashes of light produced by light hitting a shiny surface.

Chesley 2011 050.jpgmoments

Beam: A line of light, electric waves or particle.


Twinckle: A small light that keeps changing from bright to faint to bright again.


Glow: A dull steay light, especially from a fire that has stopped producing flames.


Aureole: A bright circle of light.


Halo: A bright circle that is often shown above or around the heads of holy people in religious art.  A circle of light or something bright.


Glint: A flash of light from a shiny surface.

images (1)

Gleam or glimmer: A light that is not very bright.

images (2)

Penumbra: An area of slight darkness.

images (3)

Prism : A transparent block of glass that breaks up white light into different colours.

images (4)


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