Forming irregular plural nouns (rules)

There are many irregular plural nouns, however, there are also some rules that can make our lives easier:

Noun type Forming the plural Example
Ends with -fe Change f to v
Add -s
knife arrow to the right knives
life arrow to the right lives
wife arrow to the right wives
Ends with -f Change f to v
Add -es
half arrow to the right halves
wolf arrow to the right wolves
loaf arrow to the right loaves
Ends with -o Add -es potato arrow to the right potatoes
tomato arrow to the right tomatoes
volcano arrow to the right volcanoes
ends with -us Change -us to -i cactus arrow to the right cacti
nucleus arrow to the right nuclei
focus arrow to the right foci
ends with -is Change -is to -es analysis arrow to the right analyses
crisis arrow to the right crises
thesis arrow to the right theses
ends with -on Change -on to -a phenomenon arrow to the right phenomena
criterion arrow to the right criteria

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